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The Wounded Inner Child


Root camp will create an open space for you to access everything that you are feeling and that you've always felt, so that you may re-write you own story outside of the hurt. The ways in which you would normally think, react, behave, function, communicate and cope will be highly challenged and put into healing. You will be required to pay attention to what you see as your own truth, what you say is your own truth, and how you aren't expressing much truth at all with yourself, let alone with others. This deep process of introspection will change your life and improve the relationship that you have with yourself and other people.

You will be guided into living with an open heart, trusting your vulnerability, accepting everything that you feel, standing in your truth, building deeper and more intimate connections with others while being present and connected to the real you. Root Camp will take you to higher levels of awareness within yourself. Taking responsibility for your healing is the best decision you will have ever made for you!

Would I be a good candidate for this program?

There is no such thing as a ''good'' or ''bad'' candidate. Every single walking person on Earth is worthy of love and connection. What makes a difference is in how committed you are to your journey. Healing is not a destination, it is a state of consciousness that one must tune-into and practice for as long as they are breathing. Root Camp will provide you with all the power tools that you need to reconnect you to you.

This program supplies important core work for any and all challenges, including abuse of any kind, addiction recovery, depression, trauma, career change, co-parenting, marriage/divorce, as well as personal and professional relationships.

Root Camp will highly benefit you if;

• You feel stuck, lonely, guilty, lost, scared, unseen, sad or powerless

• You have anger issues or, passive-aggressive tendencies and tend to push people away, rather than pull them closer


• You struggle with being vulnerable, communicating your needs/feelings and, trusting yourself/others


• You are a people-pleaser or don't know how to choose yourself and make your health and happiness a priority


• You are under the impression that you keep attracting emotionally unavailable people, commitment-phobes, cheaters, avoidant personality types and so on

• You fear being alone, display co-dependent tendencies and need constant reassurance


• You're an over-thinker who constantly needs to be in control of situations, people, and relationships

• You feel uncomfortable with receiving love, compliments, help, or, affection from the people you are connected to

• You don't know how to love yourself and are insecure/ashamed of who you truly are

You have consulted traditional therapists before and always seem to find yourself back to square one

Root Camp does not judge, label, diagnose or discriminate. Everything is connected. All are welcome!

When can I get started?


This 4-8 week online program includes 4 X 60 minute OR 8 X 60 minute Zoom call sessions tailored specifically to your issues (1 session/week). We will connect over private zoom calls. You can record your Root Camp sessions to review them later if you wish. At the end of each session, you will receive an assignment which will be discussed in the next call. The first call will cover the basics so that I can get to know you and develop a program that is best suitable for your needs. Weekly and monthly payment plans are an option, depending on the package that you will be choosing.

There is no difference between the 4 week program VS the 8 week program. Both are just as deep and effective. It's really about your needs and what you feel would be the most beneficial to you in terms of personal development and healing.

If you would like to take the first step into a life-changing journey, you can request your free 30 minute call with me by clicking the link above and I will get you in as soon as possible.


I am excited to meet you! :-)


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Visualize ''thinking'' and ''feeling'' as two separate entities: