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The Wounded Inner Child

We are all connected from a man and a woman who conceived a child together. That is our very first glimpse of what connection feels like. As children, we all possessed the ability to give and receive love freely without boundaries, until we were hurt by an adult we trusted. If the parents were disconnected from their own pain, they most likely had a hard time connecting
with their child’s feelings.

The very first heartbreak that the child experiences usually takes place between 0-6 years of age. It is almost always family related, but fails to be acknowledged in a nurturing and non judgemental way by either one or both caregivers.


The child who was not taught how to accept and express everything that they feel will repress their pain and develop layers of protection throughout their life, otherwise known as ''belief systems''.

These beliefs may often sound like: “Nothing I ever do is good enough”, “My feelings don’t matter”, “People always leave”, “I am not important”, “I cannot trust anyone”, “I must earn their love”, and so on. This will result in the child growing up not trusting their vulnerability, because their mind associates having an open heart with being hurt, rather than being loved.

They will go through life wanting to feel loved, but not knowing how to allow themselves to be connected to. Their loved ones, friends, and/or romantic partner(s) might feel rejected when attempting to get closer to them, but to no avail. This is not the inner child’s fault. It is a cycle that keeps being passed down between generations.

There is nothing else that the wounded inner child needs more than to be held and accepted while they feel everything. If they are still identified with their fear of getting hurt, they will continue to reject their need for connection and stay hurt. When going deeper into what they feel, they will begin to notice the ways in which they have been abandoning themselves by defending their hurt. Becoming aware of this pattern does not invalidate how they felt as a child. Instead, it creates an open and conscious space for healing and genuine intimacy.

Anger, blame, sadness, disappointment and resentment are just an example of what the adult may experience when their defense mechanism gets triggered. The truth is that underneath these emotions, the initial feeling ofain remains protected and unconnected to. When have you ever let someone sit with you inside your pain? ”But, they will reject me if I tell them how I truly feel”, is what the mind thinks. Does the little child inside of you want to be right, or do they want to be felt? When the adult becomes aware that being right has not gotten them loved so far, the narrative can shift from: “They will reject me”, to: “I accept everything that I feel now.''

It is very liberating to be able to show up as the real you. This not only allows you to be happy, it also gives others permission to show up for you too. When you choose yourself now, you are vulnerable and connected to you. Feeling everything means that despite the pain, your heart is open to receive love. You have decided to make your own needs important. You are healing.

So, what exactly is Root Camp?

Root Camp is an intensive and confidential online program that was created by Relationship Reinvented™ Coaches Lee and Sherry Patterson. It is designed to change and heal the relationship you have with yourself first, by recognizing the ways in which you have been disconnected from your own feelings, needs and truth. Together, we will unearth the root cause of your limiting belief system so that you may break and release patterns of self-sabotage and achieve emotional healing.


Root camp will create an open space for you to access everything that you are feeling and that you've always felt, so that you may re-write you own story outside of the hurt. The ways in which you would normally think, react, behave, function, communicate and cope will be highly challenged and put into healing. You will be required to pay attention to what you see as your own truth, what you say is your own truth, and how you aren't expressing much truth at all with yourself, let alone with others. This deep process of introspection will change your life and improve the relationship that you have with yourself and other people.

You will be guided into living with an open heart, trusting your vulnerability, accepting everything that you feel, standing in your truth, building deeper and more intimate connections with others while being present and connected to the real you. Root Camp will take you to a higher level of awareness within yourself. Taking responsibility for your healing is the best decision you will have ever made for you!

Would I be a good candidate for this program?

There is no such thing as a ''good'' or ''bad'' candidate. Every single walking person on Earth is worthy of love and connection. What makes a difference is in how committed you are to your journey. Healing is not a destination, it is a state of  consciousness that one must tune-into and practice for as long as they are breathing. Root Camp will provide you with all the power tools that you need to reconnect you to you.

This program supplies important core work for any and all challenges, including abuse of any kind, addiction recovery, depression, trauma, career change, co-parenting, marriage/divorce, as well as personal and professional relationships.

Root Camp will highly benefit you if;

• You feel stuck, lonely, guilty, lost, scared, unseen, sad or powerless

• You have anger issues or, passive-aggressive tendencies and tend to push people away, rather than pull them closer


• You struggle with being vulnerable, communicating your needs/feelings and, trusting yourself/others


• You are a people-pleaser or don't know how to choose yourself and make your health and happiness a priority


• You are under the impression that you keep attracting emotionally unavailable people, commitment-phobes, cheaters, avoidant personality types and so on

• You fear being alone, display co-dependent tendencies and need constant reassurance


• You're an over-thinker who constantly needs to be in control of situations, people, and relationships

• You feel uncomfortable with receiving love, compliments, help, or, affection from the people you are connected to

• You don't know how to love yourself and are insecure/ashamed of who you truly are

You have consulted traditional therapists before and always seem to find yourself back to square one

Root Camp does not judge, label, diagnose or discriminate. Everything is connected. All are welcome!

When can I get started?


This 8 week online program includes 8 X 60 minute Zoom call sessions tailored specifically to your issues (1 session/week). We will connect over private zoom calls. You can record your Root Camp sessions to review them later if you wish. At the end of each session, you will receive an assignment which will be discussed in the next call. The first call will cover the basics so that I can get to know you and develop a program that is best suitable for your needs. The 8 session package is offered at a total of 700.00$ CAD. Payment plans are an option.

If you would like to take the first step into a life-changing journey, you can request your free 30 minute call with me by clicking the link above and I will get you in if our schedules are compatible.


I am excited to be your Deeper Connection Guide! :-)


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