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Ever since I was a little girl, I was always drawn to the esoteric world. I started exploring oracle and tarot cards when I was as just as young as 16 years old. I was charmed instantly and have never stopped using them since! These 12 years of experience have truly given me the opportunity to tap into and develop my intuitive gifts.

Tarot Cards are a great divination tool to assist and deepen one's spiritual journey. Our spirit guides use various methods to communicate with us, and tarot is just one of the many creative ways in which they may deliver important messages.

When reading Tarot, I connect with the client's energy field and become a clear channel between Spirit/divine source and them. Although most people go through very similar life experiences, each client will receive a very unique, insightful and personalized reading. Over the years, I have collected around 60 decks of cards to spice up your readings with diverse messages and beautiful artwork! I like for my readings to be fun, vulnerable, compassionate, and straightforward!

I will not sugar-coat anything or tell you what you want to hear. I interpret the cards according to what I hear, see, sense and feel while in the presence of your energy. I will look into what is hidden or suppressed, and use that information to guide you into making your own decisions.

Since I am also a Deeper Connection Guide, I will offer profound insight to empower and bring you to higher levels of self-awareness. My mission is to help you navigate your journey with an open heart so that you may unleash your full potential! The answers you seek are within you, sweet soul. I am just a vessel to help you access your truth!

Before booking a reading with me:

Please, make sure to read the provided information so that you are aware of the service that you are requesting and paying for. All Tarot Readings available for purchase come with a detailed and personalized description of what is included.

From an ethical standpoint, I prefer not to discuss certain topics such as:

• Medical issues and/or illnesses - I am not a licensed Doctor and therefore, do not possess the experience to diagnose, prescribe or advise clients in regards to serious health issues.

• Specific timelines - Time shifts based on the vibration that you are emitting and the choices you make. Nothing is ever set in stone.

• ''Are they my twin flame/soulmate?'' - I believe that no one outside of you can tell you who you are connected to. It is an inner feeling that only you have access to.

• 3rd party situations - I find consent to be very important when reading for just about anybody. I will usually not ask about a committed relationship or union between two people that do not involve the client. If Spirit wants me to deliver a message within those lines on the day of your reading, I will.

Once your appointment is set:

All readings are pre-recorded, which means that they are NOT live. You do not need to be physically available on the time of your session. We will not video chat or speak over the phone. The selection of a date/time helps secure the time frame in which you will be receiving your video recording. You will have unlimited access to a private YouTube link that will be sent directly to your inbox. Please, allow a 2-4 hour window following your appointment to receive your order. You will be sent an automated e-mail to confirm that payment was successful and that your appointment is now set. I will not reach out to the client until delivery date, unless I need to clarify some information. In the case where the client wishes to send me an additional e-mail prior to the reading, I will send a short reply as a confirmation receipt.

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