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conscious connection

The Conscious Connection experience is an accelerated soul growth program that will nurture, transform, and heal your inner child. You will be guided to live with an open heart, trust your vulnerability, welcome discomfort, prioritize your needs, communicate your truth, find confidence in your gifts, make soul-centered decisions, build deeper and more intimate relationships with others while being connected to the real you.

what's included

  • 1:1 Online sessions tailored to your needs (for a total of 12 hours)

  • Powerful realignment techniques + personalized exercises

  • An open space free of judgement


(Payment plans available) $1,500.00

Service 1

clarify all areas of doubt in your life

Tarot reading

Through the wisdom of Tarot, I intend on being a clear channel of communication between yourself and Spirit. I interpret the cards according to what I hear, see, sense and feel while connecting with your energy. I will look into what is blurry, hidden or suppressed to help you develop a new perspective on your current experience. You will be redirected onto a path that is open to infinite potential and soul expansion. I offer intuitive and profound insight that will bring you to a higher level of self-awareness and empowerment. Navigate your journey with an open heart and regain confidence as you uncover and surrender to the truth that is already within you!

what's included

  • 15-30 minute pre-recorded Tarot reading
  • Unlimited access to your private link

  • All the answers to your juicy questions


starting at $60.00

Service 2

Let the tension dissolve as you enter a deep meditative state


Receiving Life-Force energy is truly a magical experience and will take your spiritual journey to the next level. This traditional holistic practice will ignite healing of all your subtle bodies, even those you ignored were constricted, repressed or blocked. Reiki is just as effective when channeled in-person or remotely, as it flows through space & time with the sole power of intention.

what's included (in-person)

  • Access to a sacred & safe healing space

  • Warm infused herbal tea (optional)

  • Openhearted exchanges prior to & after session

  • Approximately 60-min of uninterrupted Reiki

  • Oracle Card guidance pull to close out the ceremony

what's included (remote)

  • 15 minute virtual meeting

  • Personalized Spotify playlist (optional)

  • 45 minute remote Reiki session

  • Post written report


Starting at $100.00

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Service 3
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