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you are full
of DEPTH & magic

Shielding your most powerful gifts is no longer in style.
Start showing up as the real you unapologetically!

You don't have to keep pretending that you are not hurt. I can feel that you are exhausted from hiding and sucking it all up. I can hear your heart crying out for help. I see you. I honor you. I love you.

true healing begins when you realize that

your vulnerability is divine.

ALL feelings are welcome and celebrated here!

Do you know just how beautiful and sacred your whole entire being is? How often do you allow people to connect to the real you?




Your Intuitive Healer, Soul Mentor, Kundalini Reiki Master and Tarot Reader. I envision a world where we are no longer afraid to dive deeper into the truth, rather than to numb our feelings and cope with the pain. I have made it my mission to raise the collective consciousness and guide people to transmute ancestral, inner child and relationship wounds. Are you ready to activate your most magnetic, powerful & divine essence?


How can I hold space for you?

I offer a variety of services such as 1:1 mentorship/coaching,
psychic readings & powerful energy channeling techniques such as Reiki.

Let'S heal together!


Being must be felt. It can't be thought.

eckhart tolle

kind words from

my beautiful clients


"I have worked with several professionals, and my experience with Stéfania is simply UNMATCHED. She has honestly gone above and beyond exceeding my expectations in every stage of the experience... Not just the session itself, but her advice in selecting the most appropriate service (as opposed to just saying "it's up to me" as most merchants would say), her responsiveness to communication thereafter, and her natural ability to make you feel comfortable and connected to her. She truly creates a safe place for you to be vulnerable, and her gentle honesty and transparency in what she offers makes for a very rare and unique customer experience. She is a true gem! "


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