Hello, sweet soul!

The gates to your Into Me See Journey are now open.


As your Conscious Connection guide, I have created this sacred space for you to access the truth and heal your disconnect. My mission is to accompany you into the depths of your being so we can unravel the root cause of all the limiting belief systems which are preventing you from living the authentic and joyful life that you were always meant for.


How does the little child inside of you truly feel and why are they not allowed to have an open heart? When we begin to observe what our thinking does to our feeling, it becomes clear that the relationships we have with others are merely a reflection of just how fearful we are of being experienced as whole. It seems like “not being good enough” has become a collective wound. Are you exhausted from shielding the magic inside of you? When was the last time that you let someone love the real you?

I envision a world where we are no longer afraid to dive deep into our pain, rather than to seek out ways to numb our feelings and cope with the hurt. Connection brought me back to a space within myself where I no longer have to hide my vulnerability. I can feel everything, while being loved and held through it. That is what true intimacy (Into Me See) looks like. The only way out is in!

You too, are worthy of love and a deeper connection to yourself and others.

What you feel matters. Who you are is special. What you need is important.


Do you believe this to be true? If not now, when will you?


Will you answer the call?

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My Journey

For as long as I can remember, I had always felt unsatisfied with myself, my life, and my relationships. I dreamed of the missing piece being romantic love, or perhaps it was my sense of purpose here on earth. No matter what I did or who I was with, the feeling of emptiness and lack remained. I would experience glimpses of bliss here and there, but those would only last for a brief moment.

My belief system kept me in a place where I felt lost, angry, broken, powerless and stuck. I spent the first 20 years of my life abandoning the pain buried deep inside of my heart. I was constantly judging myself and operating from a place of fear because I thought that sharing my truth would get me rejected. To avoid being vulnerable, I needed to be right about someone breaking my heart again in the future. The self-sabotage was real.


When I experienced a spiritual awakening, I found a deep soul connection to someone. This person could see the very core of my essence. He could feel everything that I was feeling. He knew when I was lying, hurting, hiding... And yet, he stayed connected to me through it all. The power of his presence went against everything that I needed to be right about. It made me realize that I wasn't afraid of getting hurt... I was actually terrified of being LOVED. So I ran.

Not long after, I met someone else who mirrored back to me all the ways in which I wasn't loving myself. It was incredibly triggering. I tried turning this connection into a relationship so that I could fill this void inside of me. That didn't work out so well. Even when he'd try getting closer to me, I wouldn't let him.


I got sick and tired of pretending that I wasn't hurting inside. I longed for true love and craved intimacy, but didn't know how to accept or receive any of those things. The fear of abandonment came from a very deep wound that the little 1 year old girl inside of me carried since the day her parents got divorced. That pain wasn't immediately put into healing, so I grew up thinking that a man I am connected to would leave me before he would ever love me. My mask of strength and ''not needing my father, let alone a man'' all made sure that I was a very guarded and distrustful woman.

I reached out to coaches Lee and Sherry Patterson for help. I needed healing, ASAP! I was in & out of the Root Camp program for a total of four years. I went through the ''Dark night of the soul'', which could be described as a very painful, lonely, and uncomfortable process that is deep and transformative. This experience served me in a way that goes beyond thought. It broke my heart open. I began shedding years worth of conditioning, lies, illusions, fear, addictions, trauma, and what I thought was my identity.


I started giving to myself the things that I expected others to give me. I traveled into the depths of my own heart and accepted that I needed both of my parent's love and that up until now, I had rejected my father's many attempts at connecting with the real me. I eventually found the courage to tell him the truth, which is that I had always needed him, and still do. He responded that he loves, and needs me too.


Connection was the forgotten piece. It was birthed through love and pain, not time. That's what the little girl inside of me needed the most. To be felt, rather than right. To trust her vulnerability. To believe that she can be loved, before she will be hurt. I can now bring this conscious practice into all of my relationships, which has truly been life-changing for me!

After having witnessed the ways in which having an open heart has allowed me to receive love again, I took on a new challenge: To follow my soul's calling and guide other people towards becoming the most authentic, raw and uncensored version of themselves. I hope that the Into Me See Journey leads you to a place within yourself that is full of magic, love, depth, purpose and truth!


I love you


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!